• Website Access

    1. What if I'm a broker and I have two broker codes? Do I need two logins?

    No, with the new website you have the option to combine your broker codes under one Optum ID.


    2. Will I be able to view all groups on the website right away, regardless of renewal date?

    No, you will not see a new group until after the group's effective date or the effective date of an AOR change.  


    3. What if someone else at my organization wants to login? Do they need to have their own login?

    Yes, each user should have their own login. If your organization has a master user they can invite  you to the website, if not you may call Client Services.

  • Member Enrollment, Update or Terminate

    1. Once enrollment is complete for a member can I get access to their ID Card?

    Yes, you can request an actual card or view or print through "Member Services."


    2. Can I enroll someone on COBRA on the website?

    No, you will continue to contact Client Services.


    3. How can I search for a member on the website?

    From the home page click on Member Search, enter your group ID, select the group and then search for your member by Member ID, First and Last Name, Last Name and last four digits of the SSN or First and last four digits of the SSN.  You can also do a Member Search through Member Services.