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    Billing & Payment

    How can I make a one-time payment on uhceservices.com?

     To make a one-time payment select the option "Billing & Payment".  Once on the Billing & Payment screen select "Payment Method". By selecting "Add Pay On-Line Payment Method" will allow you to enter your payment information and submit.  


    How can I set up a recurring payment on uhceservices.com?

     To make a one-time payment select the option "Billing & Payment".  Once on the Billing & Payment screen select "Payment Method". By selecting "Add Scheduled Direct Debt Payment Method" you will be able to set up your payment information for scheduled payments.


    What is Quick Pay?

    Quick pay is our new quick and easy way to make a payment on your account.  Quick pay is only available when you are not utilizing our Scheduled Direct Debit (Auto Pay) method.


    Why am I not seeing a Quick Pay option?

    You will only see the Quick Pay screen when your outstanding balance is greater than $0 and your group is not set up for Automatic Payments.


    Why is my Quick Pay amount due different from my current invoice?

    Your Quick Pay balance is the sum of all invoices with an outstanding balance (positive and negative) that has a due date of today or a past date. Please check your current and past due invoicing to confirm you are paying the account properly.  

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    Member Enrollment, Update or Terminate

    Once enrollment is complete for a member can I get access to their ID Card?

    ID cards will be available fo the member 24-48 hours after the enrollment.  You can also request an additonal card, view or print a temporary card through "Manage Members."


    Can I enroll someone on COBRA on the website?

    Yes, you do have that option through "Manage Members". If the member is currently active on your plan, they will need to be terminated in order to enroll them onto COBRA.


     How can I search for a member on the website?

    From the home page click on Manage Member, enter your group ID, select the group you want. Then from Manage Search click on the Search by drop-down and select either Member ID, First and Last Name, Last Name and last four digits of the SSN or First and last four digits of the SSN. 

    For our UnitedHealthCare HMO, you also have the ability to search by the full ssn.


    What date do I enter under Termination Requested date when terminating a member’s benefits?

    The requested termination date is the last day they should have coverage. For example, if you want coverage in January but not February, you would enter a requested termination date of 1/31/2021.


    What is the difference between the Effective Date and Qualifying Date when enrolling a member?

    The effective date is the date the coverage starts. The qualifying date is the date of the event allowing coverage. For example, the employee hire date is the qualifying date, while the effective date may be after that (such as the first of the month following the qualifying date).


    Is the Waiting period displayed when enrolling member?

    When selecting an Enrollment Reason of "New Hire" or "Initial Enrollment" and entering the Qualifying Event date, the site will calculate the Requested Effective date based on the Waiting Period rules. The site will also display the rules in a text box beneath the Requested Effective Date.


    How do I know which which members are enrolled on CORBA when looking at the Member or Subscriber List?

    We will be adding a status for COBRA in the future. At this time you will see a label for Continuation with Yes or No. If "Yes" then your member has COBRA coverage.


    ­Are all the groups loaded onto the new website?

    No, all existing groups have not migrated to uhceservices.  They will continue administering their benefits on Employer eServices for now. 

    From the home page of uhceservices, if you search for a group that is on Employer eServices, the results returned will give you a link to Employer eServices. 

    For AllSavers groups, you would still utilize myallsavers.com


    Are Life and Disability products on this site?

    No, this site is for Medical, Dental, and Vision.  We have temporarily suspended the ability to enroll new members in Basic Life and AD&D and are working to restore this service as quickly as possible. You are still able to process member terminations if your group has Life coverage.

    If you are needing to enroll a new member and have Basic Life coverage, please contact our service team at 866-908-5940.

    We do have plans to add Short Term and Long Term Disability products in the future.


    Can you reinstate a member on the portal?

    Yes, after you have selected your group then go to Manage Members. From the Manage Members list there is a selection for Reinstate Member. Please note that not all lines of coverages can be reinstated on the website.

    If your group has Basic Life products and you are needing to reinstate or update a member, please contact us at 866-908-5940.


    What if I need to update a members demographic information, can that be done online?

     Yes, if you have the permissions to update enrollment, you can do that through Manage Members, Update Member.


    I am trying to update a member who wanted Basic Life & AD&D but was missed and the website is not giving me an option to add Basic Life. Why can’t I update this?

    Updates to add Basic Life to existing members is currently unavavailable. We do have plans to add this functionality in the future.  You will need to contact our service team at 866-908-5940 for updates to this coverage.


    Through Request ID Card can I print for the entire group?

    If you have a UHC Level Funded Medical plan, you can print the Medical ID cards for your entire group. This can be done from the Manage Members, Request ID Cards, Download Group IDs.  Dental cards will still need to be pulled individually.

     For all other UHC Medical plans, Oxford, Freedom, UHC Fully Insured & UnitedHealthCare HMO, you can only print the medical and dental card images on an individual basis.

    We do have plans to add the Download Group ID functionality to all medical lines of business in the future.

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    Website Access

    What if I do not have a One Healthcare ID?

    You can create one through the invite you are sent or on the login screen based on your access to United eServices. You can select the "New to Site? Register here.


    What if I'm a broker and I have two broker codes? Do I need two logins?

    No, with the new website you have the option to combine your broker codes under a singular One Healthcare ID.

    Please note, that if you are a broker and have dual access, both employer and broker access, you will need two One Healthcare ID's in order to have the employer access function correctly.


    If I have an existing One Healthcare ID and I create a new one what should I do?

    Through My Settings, you can select the option Manage My Profile.  Here you can merge multiple One Healthcare ID's together.


    Can we share or use one login for everyone in our office?

    No, each user accessing uhceservices will need their own One Healthcare ID with the appropriate role to access the website.

    One Healthcare ID's cannot be shared.


    Is there an administrator role for an agency that can see the entire Book of Business with one sign in?

    No, each user will see the groups that are tied to through their agency code.  Some agencies have more than one agency code. If that is the case, they will need access to each code (PCIS) and they will see their groups cumulatively.


    What role should my broker delegates have to allow for Renewal, Quoting and Enrollment but not Commissions?

    The best selection would be Standard Broker without Commissions. 


    Can multiple people have the role of Broker Lead with User Maintenance or Employer Lead?

    Yes, there can be multiple leads for an agency or employer. You can look up who the lead is through the "gear" in the upper right corner of the site or by calling Client Services at 866-908-5940.


    Can a user use the same OneHealthcare ID for both an employer role and a broker role?

    You should not use the same One Healthcare ID you are currently using for broker access if you are granted access as an employer user for a group.  It is recommended that you utilize two One Healthcare ID's for this kind of access.  If you use the same One Healthcare ID for both roles, the broker permissions will override any employer permissions, preventing you from being able to fully access uhceservices as an employer.


    Will I be able to view all groups on the website right away, regardless of renewal date?

    No, you will not see a new group until after the group's effective date or the effective date of an Agent of Record change.


    What if someone else at my organization wants to login? Do they need to have their own login?

    Yes, each user should have their own login. If your organization has a Broker or Employer Lead user, they can invite you to the website, if not you may call Client Services.


    Who should be set up a the Broker Administrator?

    If you are the Owner or Broker Lead with User Maintenance of an Agency then you will want to be the Administrator. Otherwise, users should be invited as Delegates.


    What are the hours of availability for UnitedHealthcare HMO?

    Mon: 1:30AM CT – 11:00PM CT

    Tue – Fri: 2:00AM CT – 11:00PM CT

    Sat: 2:00AM CT – 11:00PM CT*

    Sun: No online availability

    *Except 2nd Sat of the month 2:00AM-4:00PM CT. Except for scheduled releases 2:00AM - 10:00AM CT


    What browsers does the Broker and Employer website support?

    The website supports Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari.  The only browsers not supported are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox.