Welcome to the UnitedHealthcare Small Business Broker Resource page for the Oklahoma market.

These documents are designed to provide you with a guide to the information needed to successfully write a new group with UnitedHealthcare in the 2-50 business segment size, also referred to as Small Business.  These guides consist of current forms, underwriting requirements, product checklists & portfolios along with benefit summaries and much more.

The below guides are detailed based on Market location.  Please make sure you download the entire guide to your desktop to take full advantage of all the features built within these guides. These guides are interactive and you are a click away from having all the necessary data to quote and install a new business group with UnitedHealthcare. 

Also, please note the revision date on the cover of each guide.  These guides are updated frequently so please check back to make certain you have the most updated guide.  

Thank you for your continued loyalty and the ability to serve you and your clients.